This year’s Dragon Boat Festival Dumplings gift will be a new listing Huangshanghuang

pork tycoon Huangshanghuang in order to seek greater development, willing to spend billion acquisition of Jiaxing dumplings industry heavyweights Barbara appearing most of the shares in the food industry caused no small concern. The completion of the acquisition of Huangshanghuang in the Dragon Boat Festival this year in the gift box dumplings, market sales worth looking forward to.

Huangshanghuang national brand bloom build baiyiji carrier

Huangshanghuang said the brand, most people first thought would be on the table Duck in Brown Sauce on weekdays, the whole duck torn into pieces of shiny and bright, fresh and fragrant, spicy, crisp taste, gobble down in this hot season, very happy. But this is not for the people of Jiangxi Huangshanghuang Huangshanghuang, especially the people of Nanchang, "Huang" is not only a Duck in Brown Sauce name, it has become a local food culture: Huangshanghuang taste authentic status.

if the product compared to the car, that is the way in the marketing network like spread across the country, along the way, the delicious Huangshanghuang served tens of millions of people on the table. Today, the strength of the white Huangshanghuang really old food, the authentic Jiaxing dumplings into its own sales system, making delicious Huangshanghuang Avenue further extended, initially completed from sauce conversion to light meal market, category expansion brings more consumption scenarios, regardless of when and where, have Huangshanghuang accompany delicious enjoy the time.

for really old, the experienced one hundred years of the time-honored brand, respect and respect in Huangshanghuang combination and win-win value pursuit, has injected new vitality, make dumplings this most ancient food timeless, let the old story "dumplings in the new place" interpretation of fame, writing a new brilliant legend.

Huangshanghuang "dumplings gift" listed as the good feelings of