How to deal with wholesalers

to do business, purchase is very important, the purchase is the key, it is inevitable to deal with wholesalers, inevitably faced with wholesalers, then, how to deal with wholesalers? How to make business better? May wish to come together to understand!

1, do not look, do great things, if to 1 yuan, 2 yuan, and wholesalers talkto, will only make people look down on everyone love and generally straightforward person dealing with


2, understand the wholesaler’s character, Peter, and his friends, you can get more price and adjustable exchange benefits;

3, the so-called human factors, doing business is the same, you can select that exchange of businessmen, "Stinky" taste congenial, will better cooperate, in a word, to Freemasonry;

4, the boss has to pay attention to personal image, like, speak, do not say any word;

5, if the new shop, purchase more, not far from you can examine it, can make wholesale opening of advance payment to you, of course you have to purchase more, but the next to the last purchase owed repaid, honesty is the most important. Every store opened by wholesalers at least 10000 yuan of the advance payment, make full use of the financial advantages of wholesalers;

6, there is no eternal friend, the mall is only the interests of forever, do not trust a person, to keep their own space;

7, even if there is no money, but also to pretend to be wealthy, at least the appearance of a successful businessman, will be respected, speak to have confidence, others will not look down upon;

8, if found wholesalers too crafty, to get out of time, or your goods, must be caught;

9, in the replacement of the issue, we must first put the words of death, so as not to dispute, what can be changed, what can not be changed, how long is the cycle…… These are the hearts;

10, if you can successfully control 5 wholesalers, your business will step up.

Xiaobian, you collect a lot about how to deal with wholesalers, how to invest and do business, how to better start the project, hope to help you to venture capital!