Check regularly for 5 scientific prevention of breast cancer health network

2013 China cancer registration report shows that every year about 210 thousand new cases of breast cancer in China, and an annual rate of increase of 2%, becoming the fastest growing incidence of cancer in the city. Breast cancer has become a serious impact on women’s health and happiness is a kind of disease, but our early breast cancer detection rate of less than 20%, a lack of regular breast professional inspection consciousness is the biggest culprit, regular inspection found early is the key to prevention and treatment of breast cancer. 2/3 of patients with early stage breast cancer can obtain longer survival, and early treatment can effectively reduce the mortality rate.

regularly do 5 check   scientific prevention of breast cancer

1 self check breast

self examination of the breast, is the best way to detect early breast disease. More than 20 of women should be regularly for 15-20 minutes per month self-examination of the breast, can be a look, two touch, three way to squeeze the breast self-examination. Check the best time at the beginning of the period just at the end; such as irregular menstruation or menopause, can be fixed on the same day to check every month, observe whether there are changes: touch the breast lumps, such as skin depression or change etc..

2 clinical examination

regularly to the hospital is also very important! Doctors will be based on clinical experience to check whether there is any change in the breast, and then according to your situation, I suggest you check the number of times.

3 regular breast X- light

currently only three kinds of methods can examine the breast diseases, including breast X-ray radiography, breast ultrasound and magnetic resonance. Breast X- contrast imaging has been recognized as an effective method for the detection of breast cancer in developed countries. According to a new study, breast X light can reduce breast cancer mortality by about 28%.   women forty years of age or older should be examined regularly by X- light microscopy. Women with breast cancer who are more likely to suffer from breast cancer should receive breast X- light microscopy. The radiation is very low, causing a low chance of cancer. And can be tested out of the ultrasound can not find a minimal calcification tumor.

4 breast ultrasound

breast ultrasound examination should be conducted in breast X light made the film, both with the use of the effect is more significant. Suitable for women under thirty years of age or younger. Particularly effective for Asian women’s solid breasts. No radiation. Can clearly distinguish between cystic and solid tumors.

5 has a suspicious breast tumor examination

such as breast X light contrast or breast ultrasound found suspicious tumor, the tumor can be carried out live tissue analysis. From testing technology including vacuum suction system, fine needle aspiration examination and surgery. Vacuum suction system and fine needle aspiration is a minimally invasive technique can accurately and effectively diagnose early signs of breast cancer. The former can extract a large number of organizations at a time, while the latter can only extract small samples. The proposed assay method valid severity depending on the patient doctor for malignancy. These two methods will not cause breast deformation, the process does not require general anesthesia, end of 2