What procedures need to open barbecue shop

barbecue shop need to open what procedures? This is a lot of novice investors are very concerned about the problem. Only one step to do a good job shop ready to lay the foundation for the development of the franchise to be able to successfully operating profit. If you do not need to deal with the Department of the shop is not very familiar with, you can choose to learn.

individual business license: This is the normal legal process of each store need to go, for the local Industrial and Commercial Bureau or business, approved a name for the barbecue shop, if approved by the chamber of Commerce and Industry issued a "notice" pre approved name, open grill, must first apply for a business license.

food hygiene license: for the food and beverage industry, the health license is the most important certificate, no health permit restaurant is strictly prohibited. Can be handled in the local health bureau, health certificate.

tax registration certificate: it is essential to apply for tax registration, in general, in the restaurant to receive a business license within a month can apply for registration.

barbecue shop need to open the document process is not very complicated, as a small and medium business projects, the development prospects of such shops is still very good. The above analysis is only a small part of the preparation of the contents of the steps, if you want to smooth the shop, you need to learn a lot, do a good job in investment management business.

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