What are the strategies of operating rural stores

now almost all of the city market has reached a state of saturation, whether it is the supermarket or major retail stores, want to do a good job in the business need to continue to take a variety of promotions. But in the retail market, the rural market is a potential place, because of the special environment and special consumer groups, so the rural retail market should try to find their own operating point, should have its own characteristics, must not blindly follow the city supermarket business model, because the two are very different the. If you don’t recognize these differences, simple to follow, then it will make their own sales difficulties. So, the rural market should be how to play their own advantages?

home delivery is a good plan

every time the harvest and harvest, farmers have large departments in the field. And this time, the village owner should seize the opportunity to profit. If you sit still, you will certainly lose a lot of tourists. If we can pull the goods from the supermarket to the fields, it will give farmers a new surprise. Under normal circumstances, can be seen in the field of food in the supermarket, then farmers will be very novel, will be a lot of buying.

In an interview with

, a rural shopkeeper said: "everyone in the work very hard, and in the home is not the same, do more, the body will be very tired, but this time, if you see the food, like alcohol and tobacco, will feel particularly cordial. As a result, to improve the purchasing power of customers, I did not pay anything, just door-to-door. This approach allows me to increase a lot every year, if the store waiting for customers to buy, then the effect will not be good."

it is true that many times, we should have passive into active. This is a marketing strategy, but also a marketing skills. This technique is only applicable to the special market in rural areas. There is a retail shop owner, the annual harvest and harvest season will pull food from the field to another piece of land with the car, and the two of the season, he was able to sell twenty thousand yuan of income. This is not a small number, indicating the value of door-to-door is very large.

well, you should see this as the owner of rural advantages, not only confined to the village in their own region, can also be extended to other villages in the fields, as a result, our business scope is expanded. If simply operating in the fixed supermarket, so we face the customer is only in their villages, but after such a flow of trafficking, our customers more, can be a lot of village customers, so that we gain more naturally.

create convenience services to win customers

rural supermarket has a great advantage, that is, the space is relatively large, general >