The establishment of College Students’ Entrepreneurship incubator

the whole society to do poineering work in a positive to promote college students in some colleges and universities, Shiquan County Health had established a series of students in business incubator, bring good social platform for college students.

settled business students in 2 years of incubation period, can enjoy the highest 100 thousand yuan in small loans to business partnership, can enjoy the highest 600 thousand yuan in small loans; for the county and above the normal operation of the business license for 6 months, each household can enjoy a one-time start-up subsidies 2000 yuan. At the same time, enterprises can be settled down to enjoy the housing rent reduction policy, as well as by tax relief, probation subsidies, social insurance subsidies, training subsidies and other entrepreneurial support policies. To strengthen business service supporting management, base set incubator management service office, specialized guidance to assist enterprises to carry out research projects, enterprise registration, license processing, bank financing, loans, tax registration, business planning and other Follow-Up Services work, and to provide free enterprises in entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurial guidance, legal advice, brand the results show the promotion, business services.


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