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Breast principle after the age of 40

is in the right way to wear the right bra cup, to ensure that the chest fixing does not shake. When you can not buy a bra in accordance with their previous size to buy, to pay close attention to the changes in their chest, at any time to adjust the size of their bra.

wear a bra, first strap hung on the shoulder, with his chest cup. Pull back hook, adjust the strap, which is not too tight or too loose, then leaned forward, hands along the outside of the cup will be introduced within the chest cup. No matter there is no bra, chest and cup must be tightly, so as to prevent the deformation of the chest shaking. Finally, adjust the shoulder strap again, so that the back of the shoulder under the scapula, the shoulder strap can reach two fingers to a good degree.

bra plays an important role in the health and beauty of the chest. Use the correct method to wear bra cup right, protect their chest sagging deformation, do not neglect!

(responsible editor: Teng Xiaolan)