Suining tell you about a string of fifteen years of fire incense

no matter where the strings are fragrant, are able to quickly gather popularity, attracting a number of loyal customers, which is the charm of the chain of incense. In Suining, there is a string of incense has been a fire for fifteen years, and the memories of the people here.

Suining brought a street snack of delicious food, definitely not the Southern District of potatoes. However, in the hearts of many 80, and potato chips, as well as the second string.

in fact, second string is not its name, because it is located in Suining near the second virgin lane, so many people have ignored it’s real name, "red string of incense". From 2000 opening date, the general store has gone through 15 years, from the hard work of parents and to create business, inherited his father’s "two generation" began to emerge, over the years, the relocation of the two never left Notre Dame Lane shop, night business is booming, carrying a lot of Suining 80 campus memories.

two times for


didn’t leave the Notre Dame Lane

90 era of Notre Dame, because adjacent to the school, was a string of incense, rent a library and electronic games street. But then, as they are now a string of incenses store street signs, put a few tables and chairs is a shop, a little rice to such a small booth will be tightly packed in the alley alley.

2000, 16 year old Gong Bo and his parents came to Suining from sweet scented osmanthus. At that time, the parents from the supply and marketing cooperatives laid-off, with all the savings in the alley rented a shop, by prescription, one family live here. But the drug business is not good to do, but under, Gong Bo’s parents have to learn to do the string of incense technology, put up a few tables outside the pharmacy, 10 Fen strings of string incense, one day to sell more than 20 yuan.

2005 years, Gong Bo’s parents shut down the drug line, in the Notre Dame Lane rented two facade, concentrate on a string of fragrant business. 2010, Gong Bo took over the red string incense. Although the store for the upgrade, but the store is still selected in Notre Dame lane. The reason is not willing to leave, Gong Bo admitted that so many years, a lot of customers from the students to get married and have children, if it is easy to change the position, customers will not be accustomed to.

two times

fifteen years rose only a dime

8 at night, gradually down the dark lady Lane not silence, but lively up, walking in the alley, the aroma of smoke into the string with the nose, bright light, red string incense shop is full recommended