How to create three-dimensional store image

stores will show the customer what kind of image, and how customers will have a very close connection. Talking about the store image, many shopkeepers will only think of the front cabinet, back cabinets, shop strokes, store decoration these hardware". I think this is the store image to understand a bit one-sided and simple, especially ignoring the store image of the "people" factor. I think the store image should be a trinity of three-dimensional image.

first, the "hardware" infrastructure is the foundation. Front cabinet, back cabinet, shop strokes, store decoration and other appearance is the most intuitive visual image of the store, is the basis of the image of the store together to form a skeleton". High grade, beautiful front cabinet, back cabinet, shop and so on itself is a beautiful landscape.

secondly, clean and tidy is the guarantee. With a high-end, beautiful front cabinet, back cabinet, shop strokes and exquisite decoration, if you do not know how to clean and tidy, store image is difficult to upgrade. I used to store a bit dirty and messy, have a daughter take the time to help me clean and finishing it, not only to enhance the image of the store immediately, and many consumers prefer to buy things in my shop.

finally, the "human" image is the key. The image of "people" refers to the image of the keeper or the clerk of the shop keeper, which includes not only the external image of the owner or the clerk, but also the enthusiasm of the shopkeeper or the clerk. You can imagine, if consumers come to the shop to buy things, the owner or the clerk indifference, rough or lose credibility, regardless of how beautiful, high-grade facilities, the image of the store will be greatly reduced in the minds of consumers.

image of the store on the entire store business plays a very important role, therefore, if a shop to make business more popular, nature also need to spend more effort in creating the image of the store, so as to ensure the prosperity of business. So, if you are a shopkeeper, how will you create your store’s three-dimensional image of it?