The creation of Sanda New Year’s first lecture in Chengdu Library

when is the best time to start a business? Some people say that young entrepreneurs have energy, and some people say that middle-aged entrepreneurs have experience. Zhang Guiming, President of the Federation of young entrepreneurs in Chengdu, said it was positive, and that the elderly have a future.

1 9, organized by the Federation of Chengdu library, Chengdu city youth entrepreneurship "the creation of Sanda" New Year’s first lecture in the lecture hall of Chengdu city library. Chengdu Young Entrepreneurs Association President Zhang Guiming to do the "Internet plus traditional industry" entrepreneurship lectures for the new year the first seminar, more than 100 people participated in the seminar.

and previous participation in "the creation of Sanda lecture are mainly young people, this lecture attracted many old friends to the scene, the scenery to be a guest in the lecture.

Combined with the

in the lecture scene, old friends coming into a landscape, in the reporter saw many old friends with pen and paper, wonderful record in speech.