How to prevent early menopause prevention early menopause female health network

indicates that the menopause women will enter old age, many women now due to the reduction of work life stress increases and the volume of activity, plus women DINK increasing, more and more women enter menopause in advance, so more and more women on how to prevent early menopause with great interest. Female friends do the following can be effective in preventing premature menopause.

how to prevent premature menopause, the first is to live a rich life. To live a comfortable pace, work outside the time can add some hobbies, such as dancing, traveling, reading, playing games, etc.. The spice of life should be appropriately increased, something all right and husband or boyfriend to eat dinner by candlelight, what shop is very good. Reasonable arrangements for the daily life, Zaoshuizaoqi and ensure eight hours of sleep, morning or evening appropriate for some activities such as jogging, playing.

how to prevent premature menopause, second is to eat a reasonable diet. Many women are called "chowhound" because there is no control of eating, overeating is not a very good eating habits, we should eat the morning, at noon to eat, eat less healthy eating habits at night. The opposite is some of the beauty of women often by dieting to lose weight, dieting is easy to cause the nutrients needed by the human body can not be added, it is prone to heart palpitations, depression, memory loss and other symptoms of early menopause.

how to prevent premature menopause, third is to understand the essence of menopause in advance. Advance understanding of etiology and clinical manifestations of menopause, even early menopause can also be aware of, and does not increase heart palpitations and anxiety symptoms. Women in the menstrual period to eat spinach, animal offal and other iron containing foods to supplement the loss of iron.

how to prevent menopause ahead of time, to do not eat painkillers to stay up regularly check. Often stay up late and lack of sleep will accelerate the aging of ovarian function, leading directly to the early menopause. Young people to eat painkillers, studies have shown that adult women taking painkillers will reduce the activity of egg cells in vivo. Usually away from the computer radiation is basically impossible, so it is best to use a relatively low radiation notebook computers, notebook computers with the best work of the battery without using a socket. We must develop the habit of checking every year, once found abnormal menstrual period to timely medical treatment.

how to prevent menopause ahead of schedule, if you can insist on doing so, not only can prevent premature menopause can also delay the arrival of menopause.