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"venture" no one does not know what the meaning of the word, but "entrepreneurship" two words and contains a lot of meaning, want to go into the business world, might as well take a look at the common sense of entrepreneurship.

"common sense" business book not for entrepreneurs to provide a definitive answer: in fact, the path and methods of innovation and entrepreneurship has diversity, path and method of every kind of are likely to be successful, as Xu Xiaoping said, innovation and entrepreneurship as the drift, grasp the right direction, but also can carry tenaciously live will not sink, drifting to the destination; in turn, choose different ways and methods of innovation and entrepreneurship, it is entirely possible because of the different factors which lead to failure. The greatest significance of this book, in fact, is to show the level of capital to innovative entrepreneurs to understand, this understanding is also diverse, but there is no touch of the forbidden area and insurmountable red line.

I agree with

"business sense" words in a book, "entrepreneurship is a process to overcome the weaknesses of growing". No man. Entrepreneurship is a process that is constantly exposed to the weakness of human nature, whether entrepreneurial success, depending on the weakness of humanity and beyond control, only in this way, it may turn into a team leader from respected alone, can truly meet the market.

in the current Chinese, and is considered to be the "entrepreneurial state of Israel, and the United States, business failure rate of more than 90%. To be out of the 90% lucky few, "common sense" is given in the book is to suggest, like Ma Huateng, on the basis of improvement and innovation in grasp the trend to learn things; to know how to build an efficient team, and know how to design appropriate incentive mechanism and benefit distribution mechanism; to find a deep understanding of the industry, can accommodate the entrepreneur team of investors; do not determine the business model design principle First impressions are strongest, and should be based on the entrepreneur team the ability to grasp, can strive for resources and external opportunities and competition in the industry to determine.

these suggestions play a role, in fact it may not really be able to make an entrepreneur, entrepreneurial team to get beyond all expectations can reflect the success of entrepreneurship in order to avoid premature "on the rocks", make mistakes, let the entrepreneurial process with a relatively long life cycle, the development may be maintained.