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whether in puberty, maturity, or menopause, old age, we must seize the opportunity for scientific maintenance of the breast. When the people’s Liberation Army 305 hospital anti-aging medicine clinical center of the head nurse Si Yongxian told you, grasp the best time to breast every month is very important.

the best monthly breast enhancement opportunity

from menstruation to the first day count, eleventh, 12, and 13 days for the best period of these breast cancer, eighteenth, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 days, these 7 days for the second best period. During this period, the impact of breast fullness of 24 hours of continuous secretion of ovarian hormones, is the best time to stimulate breast enlargement.

in these 10 days, should pay attention to the amount of intake of food ingredients containing hormones, such as green pepper, tomato, carrot, potato, beans and nuts, etc., but also drink milk.

mothers, new mothers nursing remember these details

Breast changes of

mothers, new mothers will be relatively large, so in order to keep breast beauty, this period should pay attention to.

1 during pregnancy to wear loose large bra can not only reduce the pregnant women due to breast drape discomfort, but also to avoid premature breast relaxation. In the seventh months of pregnancy, expectant mothers should be in a timely manner for some larger bra, breastfeeding bra is the best choice.

2 every day with warm milk in order to smooth the breast, promote blood circulation, can use warm water every day, and do some gentle massage. Flat nipple for pregnant women, often the nipple gently pull out.

3 breastfeeding adhere to wear bra regardless of whether breast-feeding, breasts will have varying degrees of sag, but as long as the proper measures, you can make the breast to be protected. The new mother to wear a bra size, prevent breast enlargement, in weight, skin and internal support hyperextensible due to the retraction. A removable nursing bra pad can also lift the breast, sucking the milk leakage.

4 lactation in advance to do warm-up action before each lactation, it is best to rub the breast, or use a hot towel gently deposited. Breastfeeding, do not let the child over the nipple. After each feeding, with breast hold hands gently, and do the appropriate massage. Bath 2 times a day with warm water, increase the elasticity of the breast suspensory ligaments, to prevent sagging breasts. Lactation to avoid excessive weight gain, otherwise, after stopping breast will exacerbate breast ptosis.

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