What should be paid attention to in the exhibition

Some exhibition activities held throughout the

now has started to become an investment in the form of attention, at the same time, in the process of the exhibition, exhibitors for some customer reception is a very important thing.

exhibition reception customers should pay attention to what things? What are the exhibition on customer reception etiquette? In order to participate in the exhibition the overall promotion effect to achieve the best state, the exhibition work management personnel must promptly pay attention to their own etiquette. Here we will talk about the exhibition reception guests should pay attention to what.

1. staff to be filled with enthusiasm. As the saying goes, service enthusiasm, will become enthusiastic, and vice versa. If you are impatient, you will not be able to be patient and annoying. Passion hundred trial lark, very infectious. Be patient and promote your business and products. In the eyes of the guests, you represent the image of your business. Your demeanor and appearance will have a lot of impact on the guests know your business.

2. to make good use of all kinds of information of potential customers. People like to call their names. Trying to remember the names of potential customers, from time to time, will make him feel important. Be bold, look directly at the name of the visitor’s chest, and read out his name. Meet the difficult name. If it’s a very unusual name, it’s probably the most successful brick to build relationships with potential customers.

3. to designate someone to receive media. Media may go to your booth to find news, be sure to arrange for someone to be your business and the media contacts, so you can ensure that their own corporate propaganda has always been consistent. If each of the participating staff can talk to the press, then you are asking for trouble, because no matter how you have the training of employees, can not be unified caliber.

4. to wear a good brand. At the show, you definitely don’t want visitors to call out your name. If you wear a brand name on your left chest, you will make a mistake. Brand name should be worn on the right side of the body close to the face, so shake hands, your brand will be closer to each other.

eight do not

1. don’t sit. Sitting in the booth during the exhibition will give the impression that you don’t want to be disturbed.

2. don’t read. Usually you have only two to three seconds to get the attention of the other, and to stop him. If you are reading a newspaper or a magazine, it will not be noticed.

3. don’t eat and drink at the show. That can be rude, sloppy and indifferent, and potential customers don’t bother you when you eat.

4. don’t call. Every minute of the call, you will talk to potential customers for less than a minute.

5. recommendation