The huge business opportunities brought by cartoons

when we were young, cartoons become part of the most expect in life, but now the children, cartoon is almost filled in every corner of life, which not only brings joy for children’s childhood, but also bring tremendous opportunities to countless businesses.

for children’s consumer market is always hot, if you are rich, childlike childlike, raised or are raising a 10 year old children, have a little money, do not have the investment direction, then we recommend that you can choose to open a children’s cartoon brand series products store.

There is a

the design of the original Walt Disney cartoon characters Mickey Mouse, agreed to a toy store on the desk, and US $300, which is the The Walt Disney Company products derived from cartoon image acquired in the first payment. From then on out of control, this franchise business continues to come, the annual income of up to $1 billion.

"blue" as an example, the products have been in the national market system have more than and 300 exclusive agents, more than 2 thousand and 800 stores. According to incomplete statistics, in the creation of the Shenzhen blue cat products store is less than ten, the market potential is huge.