Beijing post office requirements as soon as possible Yuantong express shipment backlog processing –

as everyone knows, Yuantong Express is a famous brand, people choose online shopping during the Spring Festival, so will the backlog of Yuantong express courier, Beijing post office has interviewed the Beijing Yuantong express company headquarters, headquarters should be done as soon as possible shipment backlog processing.

Beijing Post Bureau said that in February 13th, is located in the garden near the bridge to join the Beijing Yuantong Express Co. Feiliang shipment backlog, attaches great importance to immediately contact Beijing Yuantong express company headquarters to ask about the situation, the first time to organize personnel to the scene investigation, and urge enterprises to timely and properly dispose of the backlog of mail.

investigation, Beijing fly Express Co., Ltd. due to the integration of the site after the holiday, the staff did not rework and other factors, resulting in the backlog of express. Beijing Yuantong express company has organized the delivery of the backlog of express delivery.

Beijing Post Bureau take decisive action measures for disposal: one is instructed the District postal administration immediately rushed to the scene, there is no investigation of illegal behavior, and urge enterprises to strengthen security measures to ensure the normal operation of equipment, safety problems, to prevent loss and damage of shipment backlog.

two is interviewed Beijing Yuantong express company headquarters responsible person, headquarters should be done as soon as possible to deal with the backlog of shipment, increase operational management coordination and emergency support efforts to speed up the delivery speed, good Follow-Up Services, to safeguard the interests of consumers; strengthen the internal management of enterprises, strengthen business guidance and standardized management of all levels to ensure the safety of the operation of the site. The smooth operation of enterprises; to take the way of positive diversion surrounding outlets for similar site express delivery backlog, relieve pressure, and prevent shipment backlog and other issues.

The backlog of

express, will bring trouble to people, not on time by the online shopping products, according to the Beijing express backlog, said Beijing City Post Office, will increase the delivery efforts, so that each product can reach every consumer, let consumer rights do not suffer.

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