Aerobics and shaping proud S curve ‘s health network

1 chest movement

2 X- cross stretching

his left leg, right foot ring with elastic belt, elastic belt and both ends of each hand, arm in front of the body, and then the arm back, elbows bend and stretch elastic belt, maintain body weight, back straight, slowly loosen arm and leg to go straight, do 8 times a day, then switch legs and repeat.

in the lateral lunge stand, right leg slightly bent knees outwards, while the right foot will be a head of the elastic belt to trample on


with the right foot heel in the elastic belt, front legs kept bow posture, legs straight, arms and pull the elastic belt front, back elbow, arm bent to both sides, then arm straight forward, and shoulder in the same horizontal plane, and then slowly return to the starting position, the arm back, until you feel a chest stretch feeling, do 8 times a day, then switch legs and repeat.

3 back stretch

7 chest expansion before and after

around the shoulder

5 push ups downward movement


chest movement

push up position, knees, hands and knees on the ground at the same time, and then to the right shoulder as the axis, while the right arm began to do a 360 degree turn to practice, and then slowly down the body’s center of gravity, and then shifted to the left arm, left arm also repeated circling exercises, each side 4 times.

prepared two elastic belt, foot stand separately, and hip width, each foot of the end of each elastic belt, elastic belt and another cross then hands, arms at the sides, knees bent, make a squat position, then slowly toward the two side arm body lift, and slowly stand straight legs and finally, the arms and legs are straight, return to the squat position is the 1 set of actions, do 12 times a day.

autumn and winter, we also want to do a proud tall and straight beauty, proud of the surrounding with delicate features, must be able to cause you that ‘his’ attention. Below, the editor will introduce you to a very simple indoor 8 step aerobics, give your body points, improve your sexy index.

my feet on the middle of the strip, the elastic feet apart, and hip width, arms straight back, and the elastic belt 2 hands hold the head, hip tilt slightly, while the body squat, back straight, keep the scapula pressed together, and then the chest started slowly, then the arm to move downwards, do 12 time.

also began to push up position, arm down the ground, if you feel the ground is not very smooth, you can under the knee pad some plastic plate or carpet as a skateboard, keep arms straight, then with the knee strength to slide before sliding, legs always maintain V shape and posture, and chest as much as possible close to the ground, do 8 times a day.