Arts and crafts to join the project list you know

is now investing in the arts and crafts projects, open a more distinctive store, is also a very good choice, but how to choose the right project? Xiao Bian recommended here in the arts and crafts to join the project, for your reference, I hope to help you.

1. tripod source ceramic crafts

Dingyuan ceramic crafts combined with modern technology to design unique traditional culture art design style and innovative and personalized, the characteristics of the methods, the main products are: blue and white porcelain / red porcelain pen, true blue and white porcelain / red porcelain really U disk, mouse pad, blue and white porcelain blue and white porcelain Keychain red, blue and white porcelain / porcelain glaze colors really suits, cups, cups, cups, the boss under glaze thin cup set and a series of craft gifts, products are mainly targeted at business gifts, conference gifts, promotional gifts, gifts and other series of celebration purposes.

Dingyuan an annual average of dozens of design and development of new products,   the company by the sincere service, reasonable price, excellent products and good reputation, favored by domestic and foreign customers and praise, and has become the preferred brand dealers at home and abroad.


wood crafts Xiangge

in the management, the company enacted quality objectives, quality policy, accountability, hard work; ensure the products can be guaranteed in the production, installation, service and security. The company will achieve modernization, human, network management, the implementation of clean workshop, and strive to develop into a large cultural enterprises. Ensure the efficient operation of the company management system.

3. stone carving arts and crafts

brand can put forward 360 fusion service, a powerful natural enterprise and related behind it. As we stone art stone carving handicraft company, Yunfu city people Stone Technology Co. Ltd is a company dedicated to the development of stone products, stone brand innovation, to product market standardization channels of new enterprise. Company set mining, product production, marketing and engineering business cooperation in one, has now created 4 self agencies, the development of the top 6 product line results, while with a registered patent of 2 and the creation of the brand of the 2.

into more Zen culture in all kinds of stone, let more consumers to fully appreciate the Zen culture. All stone art stone carving handicraft stone as China innovative gifts, tea, incense, Zen Zen culture in one of the brand, the Zen Zen Hui Neng’s show to all kinds of stone products wit image. A little thing, a thousand fun flavor, tea ceremony Zen includes the industry’s small business opportunities to make money, recommend. "