The good quality of 2016 brand-name products in Chongqing up to 223 – the whole

development of a city cannot do without vigorously the development of local enterprises, but the enterprises in the process of development, especially the development of some business entities, must pay attention to the quality of the products, only quality products can be popular in the consumer market. Chongqing Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau said today that the increase in the quality of brand building, develop and implement action plan to improve the quality of the brand, brand products and famous brand enterprises and regional brands have been y upgraded, this year Chongqing brand-name products reached 223.

high quality to carry out the sixth mayor quality management award, guidance to help the 59 companies to declare the mayor quality management award, the new mayor of the quality management award and the nomination of the award of the 5, striving for China Quality Award nomination award of 1.

the development of brand-name products in Chongqing found that 1130 products to guide the city’s 638 enterprises to participate in the declaration, the selection of Zongshen Industrial Group Co. Ltd. 223 168 enterprises for the production of "2016 brand-name products in Chongqing".

through this article we can see that a city in the creation of brand products, the quality of the strict control of how important. The Chongqing actively carry out the national quality brand building, successy created the "national Liangjiang New instrument industry well-known brands to create a demonstration area", "Karst Wulong fairy Mountain National Forest Tourism and cultural industry well-known brands to create demonstration zone, Nan’an District" national travel service industry well-known brands to create a demonstration area "3 National brands demonstration area and Yubei District the" national quality city ", the city’s exemplary role to further enhance the brand.

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