Bra the biggest suspect in breast cancer ‘s health network

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can support bra should not blindly bare chest

design: Although there are many bras on the market have steel support, known to make the shape more tall and straight, but not necessarily suitable for everyone.

size: bra size must conform to the wearer’s chest is too big, not to bear the breast, small can make breast by extrusion, but also affects its development.

(internship editor: He Lili)

experts pointed out that the breast is delicate, sensitive body surface soft organs, usually vulnerable to impact, extrusion, and even in the running and jumping may pull to the breast tissue. Wearing a bra can not only protect the breast from external abrasions and direct impact, but also can support the breast does not sag, maintaining the stability and shape of the breast, but also to highlight the beauty of women’s body.

According to a survey by

simply "topless" is not what not? Experts say that abandoned because of fear of breast disease not unworthy of bra".


according to the results of the survey, experts believe that the long time wearing chest tighten bra breast health is negative, the reason comes from two aspects, one is not wearing the right bra, the two is to wear a long time.


blind "bare chest" to give up the shaping and protection effect of breast bra. It is necessary to wear a bra, the key is to choose the right bra, and wear time reasonable.

, 80% of women in the world are wearing inappropriate bras. Because of the long time wearing a bra and breast disease in women, nine out of ten because of the improper selection bra

health tips:

experts found that women who wore bras for more than 12 hours a day were more than twice as likely to develop breast cancer than women who did not wear a bra for a short time or at all. That night did not take off a bra for women, the possibility is more than 100 times. The bra is the biggest suspect for breast cancer.

this research was supported by the National Cancer Institute spokesman recognition, and with the network spread to major domestic websites, especially for women with female occupation: every day more than 12 hours in public places is commonplace, whether it is wearing a bra or do not wear

bra shopping tips

fabric: should choose to cotton or silk and other natural raw materials for the production of fabric bra, because the synthetic material of the bra, although the shape is more "pretty" or "cool", but long-term use will affect the health of the breast.

expert advice: first, ladies to choose the right bra; secondly, if the need for work or in public wearing a bra for long time, especially in 12 hours, should choose breathable fabric, not strong shufuli bra; in addition, every day after work, or not to public holidays. You can try to unlock the bra, make breast more or less "".