Chongqing Jiangjin open up agricultural science and technology incubation and entrepreneurship test

China is a traditional agricultural country, but with the increase in consumer demand and the development of world technology, agricultural advantages began to fall. In order to realize the new development of agricultural development in the new period, we should make use of the wind of innovation and entrepreneurship, and set up the base of comprehensive innovation and entrepreneurship incubation.

how to effectively cultivate new rural business entities, to stimulate the enthusiasm of the people in the vast rural areas of innovation and entrepreneurship? In January 25th, the Chongqing municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Li Yuanjie, district CPPCC proposals, in some mature counties, such as Jiangjin, set up a comprehensive agricultural innovation incubation base, improve the bearing capacity of agricultural science and technology, development of agricultural science and technology incubation and entrepreneurship "experimental field".

"at the same time, can also be combined with the construction of business incubators and the construction of innovation and entrepreneurship training base of agricultural innovation, innovation and leading experts to guide the combination of project operation and entrepreneurship training combined with the construction of a" production, learning and research "as a whole, comprehensive innovation and entrepreneurship incubators training, training hatch, a dragon." Li Yuanjie said.

"the comprehensive agricultural innovation and entrepreneurship incubators should have nine basic functions." Li Yuanjie members suggested. For example, assisted hatching entity to solve production and operation of the venue and basic office conditions, provide consulting, property, business, exhibition, information and other services for hatch entities, assisted hatching entities for business procedures, the implementation of the relevant business entities assisted hatching preferential policies to help the entity hatching of venture investment and project application, technology development, business planning, transformation international exchange, patent technology, personnel, business incubator help entity agent and finance, patent, legal affairs, free of charge for hatching objects carrying out innovation and entrepreneurship training and management training, free of charge for hatching objects provide innovation project management and service etc..

"in addition, the base should also be production platform, research and development of science and technology incubator service platform, entrepreneurship training service platform, purchase and sale of logistics service platform, logistics platform five platform, can provide a full range of services, to attract more businesses and citizens involved." Li Yuanjie said.