Deyang how to promote diligence + wisdom + Pro = = implementation

in the process of economic development, although many local governments have been making a variety of policies, seemingly flawless! However, do not catch tight dry, there is no place, everything is in vain! The Deyang, in order to effectively promote local economic development, flipchart operations, the effect is very good.

"from three to four, one of the poor enough to make Deyang feel urgent." A quarter of the economy of the city rankings released in Deyang, the cadres and the masses caused a serious and heavy "three questions", followed by a battle in the city started to implement fully around the reform and innovation of experiment and Chengde City two "number one project", the specific task is clear to each department and each person in charge, detailed monthly goals, flipchart operations, monthly supervision; leaders must personally ensure that all cadres project project, everything was caught, to push down the layers of conduct strict accountability.

diligence + wisdom + Pro = = implementation." Deyang municipal Party committee secretary Pu Bo said, in order to ensure the successful completion of the task this year, at present, Deyang has formed a strong atmosphere of implement the plan, to be enthusiastic and press on the mental state, pragmatic style of work, to promote economic and social development to maintain the momentum of stride forward singing militant songs.

Genesis: a digital shock

entered the flood season, the news spread in the Deyang people’s circle of friends: Cotton Mao road to Hanwang Qingping section of the implementation of the flood emergency traffic, as through this life path, Qingping end of flood season "island" history.

behind this road, is a microcosm of Deyang City, flipchart operations implement.

grasp the implementation of Deyang self pressurized.

4 the end of the month, 21 city in the province of the first quarter economic data have been released. In the GDP rankings, Deyang for the first time from the province’s third slide to the fourth place. In the opinion of the director of the Deyang Municipal Bureau of statistics Zhu Wei, although this is a dynamic data, but for the first time in Deyang arrested three, still make the city’s deeply shocked.

Where is the crux of


in the Municipal Center Group (expand) learning and leading cadres reading class, Deyang municipal leaders issued "on the city’s three leading cadres asked:" why do we take the same piece of sky, "rainy"? On the same one, why do we come to a standstill? Sing along with the song, why we can not keep up with the rhythm?

"three questions" great teaching, face the problem, set people thinking.

looks at the Deyang municipal Party committee, in the province of the state of the race to develop the race on the track, Deyang before the pacesetter, after the recommendation