Fruit stores have what good business strategy

in fact in our everyday life, the fruit is very popular, and now both the campus or some of the small door, fruit shop is very popular, so a greengrocer to business people has brought great business opportunities.

how to operate a low-grade vegetable fruit shop fruit supermarket. Fruit and vegetable supermarket rents a area of 20-30 square meters of the store room at the farmers market or large residential area, rent for 200-1500 yuan / month; apply for business license, business tax and health management, monthly 360 yuan; make the dishes with open type multi-layer bracket; buy bamboo basket, food basket, plastic pots, plastic bags, plastic film, scissors, rope and other packaging about capital 900-1200 yuan; should also buy a small sprayer or sprinkler, sprinkler spray used to prevent water loss, dried vegetable or dried; and then make a bold move card about 200 yuan, 2000 yuan for liquidity, the total investment estimate 6000-9000 yuan.

how to run a fruit shop scheme two: high-grade vegetable fruit supermarket. The store can be fully enclosed glass house design. Glass house and dish rack inputs are estimated at 6000-7000 yuan, air-conditioning 2000 yuan. Room area of 25-35 square meters, recommended