Four introduction to the sale of slow-moving cigarettes


said that every owner wants to sell their products can be hot, however, in the course of the actual operation of the store, is always easy to form a number of slow-moving products, the same is true of cigarette sales. Retail merchants in the sale of cigarettes in the process, it is inevitable that there will be some slow-moving cigarettes, occupy inventory, the backlog of liquidity at the same time, there is also the risk of deterioration of moldy, abandoned homes, left heart worry. How to make slow-moving cigarettes move up, the following four strokes can try:

"bright" – do a good job of display

to let slow-moving cigarettes move up, the first thing to do is to allow consumers to see cigarettes. Many retail businesses tend to ignore this point, that no one is interested in slow-moving cigarettes, it will be placed directly into the corner of the counter, and even direct, please out of the counter. Consumers can not see, nature will not buy. Therefore, the retail merchant should give special care of slow-moving smoke, select the appropriate time will be prominently placed to counter brand rotation; at the same time, make full use of the "owner" recommended "brand sale" notes signs, attract consumers, increase the chance to buy.

"split open" – trial product recommendation

consumers in the purchase of cigarettes, the retail business in order to understand the consumer habits, preferences, recommended in accordance with the requirements of its slow selling cigarettes, and the initiative to submit a. Although it may not be able to immediately contribute to sales, but in the long run can increase the understanding of consumers of cigarettes, improve repeat customer subscription probability. For those who are willing to try, there is no fixed brand consumers, in general, if the taste of cigarettes in line with their smoking habits and requirements, will naturally slow sales of cigarettes.

"send out" – good sign

retail merchants can be slow to smoke as a special kind of human cigarette sales. First, you can often purchase and the cigarette brand is not too critical of the old customers, focusing on promotion. Due to the old customers and retail businesses have more transactions and deeper feelings, based on this is not difficult to sell slow-moving cigarettes. Two can be in line with the above conditions of their relatives to carry out public relations promotion, which not only ensures the normal return of funds, but also reduces the number of cigarette stocks.

"tube" – good order test

retail merchant shouldregularly on his cigarette inventory, especially cigarette sorting unsalable inventory, inventory, backlog of inventory and capital to fully grasp the cigarette case, some are not suitable for local brand sales specifications, after careful cultivation still no improvement in the situation, it is necessary to consider the reduced ordering and brand shelf. For the new listing of cigarette brands, might as well hold a try mentality, ordering two to three for trial. So, even if