Do business must learn to face the customer

talk about doing business, if you want to do a good job in the business, which can be a lot of doorways. Among them, "to the customer teller" is a very important point. The so-called fortune teller, is to give people face, with the heart, good or bad, are written on the face.

a qualified retail store owner, in the warm service at the same time, we must learn to face to the customer, try to figure out through the customer’s psychology, business is half done.

said today to the old customer’s Day Dress plum, a lady like, in fact, the family is not rich, her vanity, love of flattery, if you follow her mind to speak, if business associate, praise her, should not buy things to buy. Originally, she was to buy toilet paper, the results of the recommendation I recommend a good fungus, I would like to flatter her a few words, she would like to contribute to my business, he took the lead to buy a.

and later to the sister Liu is different, she is honest, talkative, as long as you give her recommended goods affordable, affordable, she will not bargain, immediately leave the transaction.

the most difficult is that, what they ask, what to buy, what are in doubt, ask again, hesitated around a circle, came back again, ask again, the price talk, dealing with this person, attitude must be firm, leaving only the price a little room, not hesitant, left him a gap, insisted that the price, let him not every business can be inserted, as sure as a gun will fix.

business is not what the customer is every rhythm, with the same language. Is the so-called people say people, hell, nonsense, although not so exaggerated business, but also the need for managers to deal with more cautious. In a word, first learn to do business to the customer through the customer’s psychology was selected, doing business, the chances of success will be great.