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also experienced the doctor’s hand is also very important. "Some ultrasound and mammography can find the tumor, experienced doctors are able to touch it, for example, some of the edge of the areola of the tumor.

breast misunderstanding four: physiological pain is too tight

error two: breast fumbling feel bump muddle along

hand experience

may not have to do other adjuvant treatment can survive for a long time, but because of the delay into the late stage, it is difficult to cure.

in the clinical often encounter some female patients, although he has touched the mass, but because the work is busy or family affairs, not timely treatment, delayed the best treatment time. After three months, six months, and then go to the hospital, the results have been developed in the early stages of the late. The most common type of female clinic, are accompanied by the child’s college entrance examination delays."

breast pain is mostly a physiological change, and the real breast cancer is no pain in the early. The structure of the breast is made up of ducts and acini, and the ducts and acini are regulated by different hormones, which are regulated by estrogen and the acini are regulated by progesterone. The periodic changes in estrogen and progesterone cause changes in the ducts and acini. >

lead: in addition to regularly check the breast with medical method, found traces of breast cancer as early as possible, one of the monthly inspection is the basic method. But many women do breast self testing, often according to their own preferences touch, feel well finished, delayed breast disease found time.

misunderstanding of the breast: touch the breast = self

Early detection of early treatment, Error three: ignore the doctor

in addition to breast self-examination, regular medical examination is also essential to the discovery of breast cancer project. Experts say: "because of the western female breast development is large, so mammography film effect is very clear, but Chinese female breast generally small and dense structure, the age of onset of breast cancer patients is less than foreign women (average age of foreign breast cancer was 45-55 years old, China 35-45 years), so the ultrasound examination is more suitable for Chinese women."

breast self-examination is not touch

is "indifferent" to some women, while others show excessive anxiety about the breasts. Premenstrual breast pain, breast hyperplasia, mild physical examination, so many women can not to panic, to seek the interrogation.

for women, self checking is as important as, or even more important, to regular hospital visits. In our country clinical discovery, a lot of breast cancer patients are self examination. The summer breast cancer treatment rate is very high, but it does not mean that breast cancer is high in summer, but because of the increased frequency of summer women bathing, the number of ‘self’ breast increased, so the number will increase to the doctor.