Dream and business combined with wedding love drama

want to succeed in business, become rich leaders, you must have some investment ideas and the courage to dare to do. The chicken year can earn millions, but he had no connection with the chicken studio, not the wedding, but the wedding shoot "love drama".

2004  year, Paul Liu in the city after a few years, decided to return home business. He is the first investment in 3  million to raise scorpion. Because I did not expect sprayed over again culicide, by killing the scorpion. Paul Liu was not discouraged, and raise t.. After a fumble, every month can produce   2000  kg of Tenebrio molitor, income of 1 yuan.  

2006  the beginning of the year, Paul Liu listen to grandma said now the egg is not sweet, all of a sudden inspiration: "chicken to eat insects, the eggs must be delicious, they are keeping insects, why not try insect chicken?"