Farmers entrepreneurial innovation action plan to start

in the vast rural area is now a lot of business opportunities, but also the development of rural area in the country now vigorously, released some good policies to promote the rural areas of entrepreneurial activities, and many rural areas have also been industry reform.

the plan will focus on five tasks. First, we should actively create a policy environment for entrepreneurship and innovation. Encourage qualified local and all kinds of associations, intermediary organizations, such as exploring the establishment of farmers entrepreneurial innovation fund; two is to build a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship farmers. Based on the existing types of development zones and agricultural industrial park, the formation of a number of farmers’ entrepreneurial innovation park, to create a group of farmers’ Entrepreneurship and innovation training base; three is to cultivate farmers’ entrepreneurial innovation leader and coach, led farmers to get rich; four is summed up the promotion of farmer entrepreneurship innovation mode and experience. Set up a number of farmers entrepreneurial innovation model, to guide the majority of farmers to learn from; five is to further improve the farmers entrepreneurial innovation service system. Actively carry out comprehensive services, vigorously carry out professional services. The plan is implemented in three phases, the deployment of the pilot phase (July 2015 -2015), the full implementation phase (-2017, June), the depth of the stage (-2017,, December).

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