College students do not take the unusual entrepreneurial road to the rural grape yield considerable

grapes taste good, high nutritional value, but also can be made into wine, the commercial value of the hidden is not to be underestimated. The female college students found one of the business opportunities, did not choose to go to work, but chose to start a business in the country grape.

25 year old Wang Yi Cun is the only child in the family, grew up in the city he never thought they could now become a day of dealing with people and earth. I saw him in the village of Wang Yu Lin grape planting cooperatives in the village, he was renovated to the mountain road, the excavator opened the road repaired, he said, after the spring planting harvest when the villagers can drive directly to the tractor on the mountain.

have entrepreneurial dreams will have to pursue, hard to achieve, unremittingly, after the storm, after the first step towards the realization of the program can continue to develop more business objectives, small hope that everyone can stick to their own dream, finally realize.