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Su Rong explained that eczematoid breast cancer often occurs in 40 to 60 year old women, the cause has not too clear, cancer cells originated from early breast ductal, to late break through the wall into the breast tissue, breast lumps and not so early.

"originally, the degree of malignancy of this breast cancer is not high, and the development is very slow, so if the patient can be found early, the chance of breast milk is very high." Su Rong said, but in fact, because many patients have the above symptoms in breast, most people will according to the treatment of skin diseases, some people can’t do further examination, so this type of breast cancer patients to be diagnosed, more than 50% of all to have advanced, I missed the best treatment time.

according to the length of itching, dandruff.

around the nipple itching red alert breast cancer

actually, like eczema like breast cancer, there are a lot of early breast cancer is not palpable mass." Su said, the majority of such cases appear in some small tumors, softer and more tumor deep in the tumor, and for some more developed and dense breast tissue (such as women, especially young women). In addition, some small tumors may also limit close to or beyond imaging, so even in the individual image examination is not developed or developing is not typical, so even if there is a mass of breast cancer may not be able to find easily missed.

early breast cancer often do not touch the mass

experts remind that these types of breast cancer are extremely prone to misdiagnosis. Therefore, it is necessary to abandon the concept of breast cancer must have lumps, improve vigilance against early breast cancer, and actively participate in regular census.

[introduction]: around the nipple skin redness and itching, breast swelling and breast lumps appear nameless "forms, especially early, seemingly skin disease and mastitis breast cancer, most likely also, cause for concern.

as for milk

on the other hand, a handful of occult cancer has not found the primary lesion and inflammatory breast cancer about half of the patients have no mass in the breast skin red, swollen, hot for the outstanding performance, so that many patients, especially in lactating patients will think they got mastitis.

recently had Ms. Zhou near the baby nipple often red and itchy, and small dander. Zhou believes that the majority of people is often said that breast-feeding breast eczema, so he bought ointment smear. However, 3 weeks later, Zhou’s eczema is not improved. Ms. Zhou went to see the Department of Dermatology, the doctor also considered eczema, oral and topical drugs and tried 2 weeks, still no improvement. Finally, Ms. Zhou found breast specialist, a doctor to see, so that Ms. Zhou to do a breast tissue smear, the results, Zhou was diagnosed as eczema like breast cancer".

breast eczema was actually breast cancer

cystic hyperplasia of breast is easy to change