Students choose what project creation of Chongqing flue-cured tobacco industry – Business

in life, we all know that tobacco is a high profit for us, and the market has a large number of smokers, no doubt let more people attracted by this project. What kind of projects do college students choose? In order to cultivate the young successor of the tobacco industry and promote the sustainable development of the tobacco industry, the project of "Chongqing University tobacco Pioneer Park" was launched in Wulong district.

of the project by the group of the district office, smoke District tobacco companies jointly developed, mainly for college graduates under the age of 30 (including the National Education College), and agricultural professional priority, the project is located in the fairy town, area of 200-300 acres, tobacco planting individuals or groups engaged in contracting and leasing of land within the park, free rental 1 years (December 1, 2016 to November 30, 2017), after 1 years to continue the contract cost will be charged for each subject, only 20-40 acres of land lease contract.

the number of college students in modern society is more and more, but in the face of employment is difficult, college students to choose what business? Tobacco industry is a good choice! At the same time, the project also launched the following policies: free for tobacco of contiguous land; provide free field management work of 1 rooms for each contract subject; provide free baking room and other necessary infrastructure; to provide free tobacco planting, management, pest control and other professional and technical training, and provide technical guidance service; to help coordinate the startup Fund (loan).

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