Five place – not the location of the whole of convenience stores

convenience stores in the current fast-paced business is getting better and better, so that the number of convenience stores is also increasing. But if you want to successy open a convenience store, the natural need for the right location. After all, everyone knows that the choice of a prime position how important to shop, a good location means that business success. However, the reality is often very difficult to be satisfied, the golden business district is the object of business competition, in the face of high prices and rents, choose a good address is always a dilemma. In this case, although not completely satisfied with the location choice for us to open a convenience store, but we must avoid the following five place.

a, underground shop

underground shops include underground shopping malls, as well as basement class. This place is generally in the square of the ground floor, because the square a lot of traffic, many people choose to open a convenience store in this area.

The main disadvantage of


1, customer access inconvenient;

2, convenience store location is not clear and difficult to attract mobile customers;

3, the region has a large shopping malls or supermarkets, the competitiveness will be severely reduced.

two, stairs convenience store

to enter the stairs into the shop, will bring inconvenience to the customer, which is contrary to the convenience of the main convenience store principles. At the same time, for the rush of the trip, the customer will not choose the stairs to the convenience store to buy things.

three, can not set up shop recruit and light box shop

due to the constraints of environmental conditions, can not set up shop or light box convenience store, meaning not eye-catching, the direct impact is that people can not see the store. And do not see, what is the purpose of your shop? Convenience store is eye-catching and not an important means to ensure the flow of passengers? Imagine in the night if there is no bright shop strokes, how can let passers-by know that this is a 24 – hour convenience store!

four, shop shape irregular shop

rectangular or square pattern is more suitable for the operation of convenience stores. If the shape of your store is irregular, is not conducive to the layout of the layout of the shelf, but also detrimental to the display of goods display. So in a business area is very small space, it is difficult to reasonably arrange the display of goods, which will increase the time for customers to buy goods.

, five lines and few places

regression line