Nanchuan ndustrial Park to increase the seven core area construction of the park highlights the ove

to speed up the pace of Nanchuan industrial park construction, improve the quality of the construction of Xining economic and Technological Development Zone will be set in 2013 for the construction of the park "to enhance the image of the year", the investment and construction projects as the starting point, with the construction of "seven core area" as the carrier, effectively highlight the park overall image, enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the park.

is one of the highway toll station to green road Qinghai cashmere industry in the area of small businesses, transformation and upgrading, mergers and acquisitions or repurchase re planning and development. And the renovation of the green line in the toll station to the mouth of the gardener Bridge Road of entrepreneurship, promote the campus portal image. The two is to accelerate the coordination of Nanchuan River Park project governance, enhance the image of river landscape. Three is to vigorously promote the park center business district headquarters base. Focus on the investment service center of the park and the main building, five star hotel affiliated buildings and office buildings (office building), the construction of industrial buildings and construction products exhibition center, central business district water park construction, focus on creating Park core area image. Four is to promote the hot springs commercial and residential, recreational area construction, to create a first-class living, entertainment, leisure area in Xining. Five is to promote the Qinghai international wool carpet manufacturing base and Qinghai specialty products exhibition center area construction, enhance the image of the characteristics of the industry area. The six is to promote the construction of the United States and Qinghai jade cultural industrial park area, to create the characteristics of the cultural industry area image. Seven is to promote the relocation of the work area to create a harmonious environment of the park.

at present, the park planning industry has matured, the direction is clear, the basic supporting capacity increase year by year, the scale of financing channels and expand year by year, investment intensity increased year by year, the initial formation of leading industry and industrial cluster, economic indicators maintained a growth rate of over 50% for five consecutive years. The park service function departments complete management system, and further rationalize the rules and procedures of basic improvement, technological innovation, leading enterprises of all kinds of management talents and professional technical talents gradually gathered, the park soft and hard investment environment have reached new heights, park development has on the higher levels of material conditions. Nanchuan Industrial Park Development Zone is the four characteristics of "industrial base" is one of the province to create a main position of Tibetan carpet capital of the world ", is one of the provincial government to determine the 5 ten featured industry sales revenue 100 billion yuan industrial base. The park will also be built into an important domestic lithium resource intensive processing and energy storage lithium battery production base, built Kunlun jade processing and distribution center". By 2015, the park’s industrial sales income of 30 billion yuan or more; to 2020, the park industrial sales revenue of more than $100 billion. (Nanchuan Industrial Park CMC)