Nanchuan River upstream landscape changed this year

This period of governance, but can not leave traces of that period of governance; to build five scenic spots, need at top speed of…… At present, our city is vigorously promoting the Nanchuan River (large Nanchuan reservoir water diversion mouth to Xie Zhai section) comprehensive management project, the subject will be completed within this year, and some outstanding greening projects will be implemented next year. The city launched a comprehensive control project of Nanchuan River in 2002, 2009 by the world bank loan, on the upper reaches of Nanchuan river of governance, completed the aqueduct bridge to Xie Zhai liberation period a total of 10 kilometers of river management tasks. In order to further improve the Nanchuan river regulation, the city will further expand the scope of governance, Nanchuan River comprehensive management range extends southward. Is currently being implemented in Nanchuan River (large Nanchuan reservoir water diversion mouth to Xie Zhai plot) a comprehensive control project construction project is using the world bank loans. In order to implement the Nanchuan River (large Nanchuan reservoir water diversion mouth to Xie Zhai section) comprehensive control project, water supply and other departments of the staff from the Nanchuan River birthplace of Huangzhong County Lajishan mountain started, carry out a detailed investigation, made a high standard of planning and implementation. – Lajishan mountain in Nanchuan River birthplace of Huangzhong County, showing clear and coastal green landscape, the natural environment is good, do not need to transform, to retain the original appearance. – from Nanchuan reservoir water diversion mouth to into old Fort plot, in the range of nearly 7 kilometers, the implementation of ecological corridor construction, ecological restoration of river. The goal of the construction is that although this section is managed, it is necessary to keep people from seeing signs of governance! Currently being carried out garbage disposal, landfill bunker, green, etc.. The old Fort bridge to Xie Zhai bridge, 7.9 km long range for the comprehensive management, the main content of the construction of flood control embankment, sewage interception dry pipe, riparian landscape greening, this section will also focus on building five features. They are more, think, Syria, and the two of them like Jin. Where water is under construction, the other three will be construction. This section is also the construction of a number of scenic trails, leisure and entertainment facilities, the current construction of these facilities. The following sections of the bridge, through the world bank loans, has been completed to become a landscape river.