Datong County, the social security bureau to carry out the insured payment campaign

in order to further expand the public awareness of the various types of social insurance premiums in 2013 to raise awareness of the insured. Datong County Social Security Bureau in August 29th in the Cultural Plaza held a social insurance policy advocacy activities.

  the event organized a total of 5 propaganda teams, hanging banners, 5 panels, the issuance of more than 6 kinds of promotional materials more than 600 copies. For the past to explain the pension, health care and other types of insurance policies, new policies. Experts in Social Security Bureau invited the county hospital, national fraternity County Chinese medicine hospital, county hospital, county hospital department of orthopedics on-site free clinic, the hospital experts for a total of more than 500 patients received a free blood pressure measurement and health advisory service. Praised by the masses.

this publicity campaign for the masses to participate in the activities of the free medical platform to build a platform for the County Social Security Bureau and the designated medical institutions and social networking platform. Fully reflects the county government’s concern for the broad masses of the people. Raise the awareness of the masses of the insured, to achieve the desired results.