Chinese men’s basketball A west line (Xining Railway Station) to write wonderful

  in August 25th, the Chinese men’s basketball team A west line (Xining Railway Station) the second round of the wonderful writing, the team to play a super level, technical and tactical level is pleasing to the eye.

The plateau climate adaptation between

Shandong team seems to have a night, although the opening behind, but a change in depression, the first play is very dedicated and A fighting spirit soars aloft., investment, the two sides turn up the score. Before the end of the game, the Shandong team 3 point ball bursts even, hit the climax, the Shanxi team had to impossible to guard against 72 to 78 score.

Liaoning team in front of the big Xinjiang team, Xinjiang team played in the opening, not only control the rebounds, and 3 ball handy, with experience and technology, the final 84 to 79 victory over the Liaoning team.

four teams second Harding Park, star studded Xinjiang team wins, Liaoning team defeated two World War II; Shandong has become a dark horse, not beyond all expectations to unseat the Shanxi team.

25, the team also went to the Huangzhong County primary school, thanks to the public welfare activities of the school, the school gave a basketball stand and other equipment. Battelle and a number of teachers and teachers and students together to clean up weeds, and clear out the site on the basketball court, to guide everyone to actively participate in basketball activities. (author: Meng Jun)