More than 500 outdoor protective bar was removed city appearance has been greatly improved

after active transformation, urban management department and, as of now, the more than and 500 external fence installed in my city, Jianguo Road, East Street, West Street, North Street, South Street, street building on the body have been laid off, so that the sections of the appearance of the city has been greatly improved.

in order to enhance the safety of the building, many people in the city outside the walls of the building outside the installation of protective fence, and as a security guard". But for a long time, these external protective fence due to the messy settings, placing debris, not only with the surrounding city environment is not coordinated, but also to bring some security risks to other neighbors. Therefore, using this year to the Municipal Urban Management Bureau South Road, Jianguo North Road, East Main Street, West Street, the Yellow River Road, Xinning Road, East Street, West Street, South Street, North Street, 10 Main Street Streetscape renovation opportunity, combined with the ongoing Chuangwei work will be installed above the 10 Street Street building on the 587 external fence as the first object of transformation. According to city urban administrative law enforcement bureau responsible person, the renovation work, do not meet the requirements of the whole city environment Street building external fence will be forcibly removed, such as household account from a security perspective, really need to install the fence, can be installed with built-in reinforcement fence; two layer, three layer above the allowed to install external protective fence fence has been set in; expanding, urban management department can give appropriate economic compensation. The responsible person said, this work has been launched in early April of this year, as of now, the city zone has been completed the transformation, the transformation of the 243 fence, east district work is nearing completion, the west district renovation work is being carried out, is expected to August, this work will be fully completed.