Chinese Billiards Tour Xining Railway Station kicks off the game will continue for a week

The afternoon of October 1st, sponsored by the State Sports General Administration of sports management center, China ball billiards association, Xining Municipal Science and Technology Bureau of sports and tourism, to the West District (Tianjin) culture communication limited company to undertake China Billiard Tour second station in the new Hualian Plaza in Xining City West District Lake New District kicks off.

the game by China billiards association approved "Chinese billiard rules", the events are divided into qualifying and the race two stages, qualifying from today in full swing, take single elimination, to decide the race 32. October 4th start, the race will be fully started, of which 64 into the game will be used in the double elimination system. From the top 32 games, will use a single elimination system. The most watched final will start on October 5th and the game will last a week.