n the first half of this year, the province will fully implement the basic ability of Party and gov

Reporters recently learned from the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, the first half of 2016, the province will carry out the party and government organs at all levels of the party and government organs to carry out a comprehensive evaluation of the basic ability.

recently, "the provincial office and the Provincial Department of human resources and social security in accordance with the provincial Party committee" on strengthening the base construction and improve the ruling level of opinions ", has arranged 62 provincial units to formulate 64 positions cadres professional ability standard, evaluation criteria, evaluation methods and training outline. As of now, "general basic ability standard of Qinghai Province cadres (Trial)" "Qinghai provincial Party and government cadres general basic ability evaluation standard (Trial)" "Qinghai provincial Party and government cadres basic ability evaluation methods (Trial)" and "Qinghai province Party cadres general basic ability training program (Trial)" syllabus and secretarial, archives, education management, safety supervision and other 4 cadres post professional ability standard approach has been issued and enforced; the provincial units has formulated 46 standards outline, measures are being finalized, the work in an orderly way.

is a set of evaluation methods adhere to both the basic ability of incentive and constraint, the evaluation results of qualified certificate will be issued, as an important basis for the party and government cadres appointment and qualification granted posts; excellent in assessment Pingxianpingyou in priority order and improve the assessment results in the annual assessment; assessment failed to undergo training. After training, the 2 assessment is still unqualified adjustment to work, not to accept the post adjustment, be dismissed; not to participate in the basic ability without any justifiable reason, party and government cadres, the education still refused to participate, directly determine the basic ability of unqualified.

September 2015, provincial Party committee "to do the unified arrangement of basic ability of the party and government cadres assessment pilot work, the pilot from Xining City, Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in 3 regions and the general office of the provincial government, provincial development and Reform Commission, the provincial economic and information Commission, the Provincial Department of finance, Provincial Public Security Bureau, the provincial statistics Provincial Archives Bureau, 7 provincial departments organized and implemented.