DQ ice cream ask

ice cream what brand is better, to recommend a good ice cream to join the project – DQ ice cream. For investors who are not very familiar with the DQ ice cream, the following is hereby given in detail.

Q: DQ what are the current way to join


is currently the only way to join the company store, also cannot join or transfer the entire store area.

asked: can you find a partner to operate?

can, if the franchisee to take the partnership approach, the main operators in the project investment of its own funds of not less than 70%.

asked: do you require franchisees to manage the store yourself?

yes, personal management helps store brand maintenance, cost control and profit enhancement.

asked: join for a period of 10 years, after the expiration of the business will renew it?

DQ to join the contract for 10 years, after the expiration of the contract in accordance with the conditions of renewal, only pay a small amount of renewal fee may apply for a renewal of the contract for another 10 years.

asked: how much money to join the investment, including what?

store start-up capital required more than 1 million, including the initial fee and service charges, shop design and decoration costs, equipment costs, deposit and other facilities.

Q: what will continue to collect fees after the shop?

franchisees need to pay the cost of the contract according to the contract, including: the use of the brand (6% of turnover); promotion plan implementation fee (turnover of 5%)

asked: what are the requirements of the store, such as: location, area,

DQ standard store for the actual area of 50 – 70 square meters, mainly suitable for the city’s main business district or landmark shopping district.

asked: who is equipped with the shop staff?

stores by the franchisee to recruit and equip themselves, the company can give personnel training and management related training.

ask: can the store material suppliers be able to purchase


in order to ensure the quality of DQ products and services, franchisees can only order the company to a unified raw materials, packaging >