How heavy moisture which harm female health network

wet weight will happen? What harm? In fact, wet weight for different people, the harm is not the same. Children like damp, will appear diarrhea, stool poor; and the old heavy moisture, damage could be lower limb acid, leg pain and other channels. And the female body wet weight, it will cause increased leucorrhea, genital itching and other issues.

wet body weight will hurt our digestive function. Wet weight will affect the operation of the spleen and stomach, damage the body Spleen Yang, the body will appear indigestion. Water wet from the inside, will increase the moisture. What about the humidity? The moisture quantity may affect the patient’s appetite, causing loss of appetite, indigestion, diarrhea or edema and phlegm and other symptoms.

if the body’s moisture is too heavy, it will affect your joint activity. Because of the moisture will block joints, leading to joint pain, severe patients even to flexion and extension, so humid patients often feel sleepy head and body weight, and grief, is difficult to move. And moisture caused by the disease, lingering illness, it is difficult to heal. Wet viscosity, usually not immediately but the incidence of disease, long course of disease, always repeatedly attack.

what happens if the body is wet? What harm does it have? Excessive moisture in the body is a common problem of modern people, especially the continuous rain, humid and hot season, heavy moisture, people will be very uncomfortable. What about the humidity? What harm to the body?

moisture weight hazard

moisture weight hazards also affect the body air machine. Moisture belongs to evil muddy will stay in the US, the viscera and meridians, thus affecting the air, causing the viscera function abnormal. When the wet resistance diaphragm and gas poor, patients feel chest and diaphragm stuffiness; wet resistance in Coke will cause stomach disorders, digestive tract infection showed abdominal distension or no appetite; dampness stagnation will leave the focal kidney and bladder injury patients, patients with the slight fullness, urination problems.