Build a model village to make the new countryside more beautiful

went to Datong County military enterprises build a model village, a broad cement road accessible, a row of neat farmhouse features, rural leisure entertainment plaza, the villagers or walk, or fitness, children enjoy playing on the basketball court, blue sky, white clouds, streams, sunshine, recently, the reporter went to the Jingyang Town, a harmonious picture showing in front of new countryside.

The old man is

fitness in Jingyang town mountain village cultural square to see the reporter Yang Jiulin said happily: "in the past, the village singing playing Club fire, have no a fixed place, now the village built a stage, very western style. The original soil on the road even the sand are not paved, and now all hardened, into a wide and flat cement road, the old people are particularly pleased to thank the party and the government’s concern for us."

2013, Datong County, 31 villages in the road, West Road and Bridge Huang Yin along highway 11 villages and towns to carry out military enterprises build a model village "activity, involving 9832 households, 40488 people, even point into line, forming Dianmianjiege echo tendency with the 2012 demonstration village. A total of 42 city and county leaders, the 178 cities and counties organs and units, enterprises and police forces and the establishment of the village to help the relationship between the 31 villages, a total investment of $560 million.

in order to reflect the different characteristics and style, Datong County in accordance with the basic conditions, the construction of the village of different regional differences, industrial development, national characteristics and cultural traditions, the implementation of model village, three types of key villages and village difference, completed the renovation, renovation, door wall wall whitewash, install solar lights the solar water heater, brand, brand, and village roadway village comprehensive office service center, Cultural Plaza building, village road hardening, rural reconstruction, rural housing construction project award. In military enterprises and to build the village people’s concerted efforts, reflected a number of architectural style, showing the potential for the development of special demonstration villages have emerged, to inject fresh vitality to the county’s new rural construction at the same time, as the land of Beichuan adds a beautiful landscape.

is now into the village to build a clean and beautiful environment of the new rural construction picture came into view, everywhere filled with green, harmonious, development of hope. "Military enterprises build a model village" activities, not only effectively boosting the construction of new socialist countryside in Datong county more fast pace, the integration of urban and rural development process, from Sichuan to the shallow water area of brain area, the demonstration village is full of vigour, show a thriving gratifying new weather.