Qinghai initiatives to enhance the education of medical and health services

to protect and improve people’s livelihood, related to the realization of a comprehensive well-off, related to the effectiveness of ecological protection, related to national unity and social stability. Compared with other parts of the country, to do a good job in the people’s livelihood in Qinghai, has a more important and special significance. Since this summer, according to the spirit of the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping visited Qinghai, combining with the actual situation of Qinghai Province, education and health departments around the "make up the short board, improve the quality and benefit the people’s livelihood" principle, and more initiatives to strive to enhance the health service ability, medical education.

provincial education departments pay more attention to education innovation. The implementation of the "comprehensive compulsory education in poverty-stricken areas to improve the basic conditions for running schools weak project weak school renovation project", and "13th Five-Year" during the period of compulsory school construction projects, construction standards, unified urban and rural compulsory education teacher preparation standards; the implementation of the floating population Suiqian children receive compulsory education policy, caring for a left-behind children. The case "; to carry out the construction of" "ordinary high school" project and the weak foundation of county of Qinghai Tibetan Prefecture six occupation education "school", "construction planning, with the help of six provinces and municipalities to aid, improve vocational school education condition; work closely with social and poverty alleviation department, do not on the two kinds of employment training work full coverage; the weak link of the development of ethnic education focused, scientific and prudent implementation of bilingual education, and actively promote the six Tibetan Prefecture outside the province offsite class. Development of the Qinghai Province hundred schools "ecological education into the classroom" pilot program implementation plan, in September this year, issued to a hundred pilot schools. Implementation of targeted enrollment plan for poor areas and special care programs for children with disabilities and education twinning action plan.

health and family planning department of the province to draft the "healthy Qinghai 2030" action plan, the study identified the healthy Qinghai construction "three steps" strategic objectives. Since November 10th, the province’s implementation of zero rate medical institutions unified implementation of the "national medical service price project specification (2012 Edition)" price list;