Xining city district offices, community celebration 71

  district offices and communities in Xining to celebrate the 88 anniversary of the founding of the party in various forms.

the morning of June 30th, Victory Road West District Street office Party committee of the "energy-saving" activities in the city of Xining Lu Qing Park organized, warm atmosphere, from the five North Lane community, community commercial Park Lane community workers and residents in the form of the chorus team members of the party, the excitement of display most incisive. In addition, the west district is also around the 88 anniversary of the founding of the party organization and implementation of the party dedication day, helping the poor people and other colorful activities.

at the beginning of this year, West District School Lane community to raise funds about one hundred thousand yuan, invited art experts, School Lane Road East of the wall all unified 230 meters long painting, drawing the red culture wall, the China Communist Party from its creation to lead the people of all ethnic groups to build a better home round history stages plotted on the theme wall.

north of the city, twenty miles of the village of Sun Village, "flowers" meeting. From Datong, Huangzhong, Ledu, peace, cooperation and other places more than twenty "flowers" singer and the audience of tens of thousands of people gathered on site, spectacular scenes.

June 30th, Chengbei district took 20 thousand yuan, by the district team consisting of 4 leading cadres condolences group respectively deep rural communities, organs, schools and relevant enterprises, has visited 50 old members and members of the difficulties of life.