The province in 2016 law examination written examination open end

recently, the public security organs in Qinghai Province in 2016 for the public examination of the people’s police and procuratorate public recruitment director following the successful conclusion of the written judicial support staff. The examination of people’s police plan Zhaolu 249, all recruiting jobs all compete. Through the qualification examination, the eligibility of applicants a total of 16322 people, the average recruit reported ratio of 1: 65.55, director of the province’s public examination than civil servants average recruit clerks following positions reported 22 percentage points higher than the highest position "," bidding quote "reached 1 to 909, more intense competition.

procuratorate public examination director following judicial support staff plan Zhaolu 257, after registration, there are 42 recruiting job vacancies, the actual job recruiting 215. Candidates to participate in the written test 3310, the number of enrollment and enrollment ratio of 1: 15.4. The written examination, the province has set up 9 test areas, 16 sites, 700 room, provincial and Municipal State deployed more than 2000 personnel are involved in the examination work. In order to ensure the safety and stability of the written examination, the provincial Party Committee Organization Department, the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, the provincial Civil Service Bureau in conjunction with the relevant departments and regions to strengthen the examination discipline, examination system, examination process training. Written examination site, the relevant departments to participate in the whole process, full supervision, full service, to ensure the successful completion of the written examination. After the written test, the provincial Party Committee Organization Department, the provincial Civil Service Bureau chosen from the major colleges in 80 marking the teacher has begun marking reunification, is expected in early October announced the written test results.