Wang Jianjun in Haixizhou research to guide the state County Township three leadership groups work e

10 month 10 days to 11 days, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Jianjun in the Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture research guide state County Township three leadership groups stressed at work, high standards of high quality and high level to complete a good general work, achieve organizational intention, the cadres and masses of intention, I am intended for the organic combination of the three, other city state elections to demonstration.

Wang Jianjun pointed out that the general work is the most fully embody the political advantage of the party and the state and institutional advantages, is a major project in the great project of Party building, is a major event in the political life of the people of all ethnic groups, to promote the "great realistic proposition four comprehensive". We must strengthen the leadership of the party, the party’s political discipline and strict political rules, according to the chapter in accordance with regulations and stricter finer and more solid, follow the rules of personnel, adjust and protect the good play on behalf of members of the enthusiasm and sense of responsibility and the legitimate rights and interests, exchange ideas, play, fashion, unity, drive. He stressed that, as the province’s first upcoming state transition area, to weight performance, see public opinion, Shun qualifications, according to the program, select a good team, a good report. Leadership at all levels to the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping visited Qinghai’s important speech as a guide, protect the ecological environment, the formation of industrial clusters, highlighting the characteristics of city, promote inclusive development, take practical action to building rich civilized and harmonious happy Hercynian return General Secretary of care.

in the city (county, industry) secretary of the forum, Wang Jianjun pointed out that the general secretary of the county Party committee, four consciousness and the ability to control, overall planning ability, the ability to perform a practical test. I hope you love Haixi, enhance learning, in-depth research, grasp the law, maintain concentration, self-discipline, modest and prudent, ask yourself to "strict standards, good secretary of the party and the people.

at the Forum on behalf of the basic level of the State Council, more than 20 members on behalf of the experience, talk about feelings, said the practice, the atmosphere is very warm. Wang Jianjun pleased to say that the US political ability is very strong, the prestige of Party members and the masses are very high, and encouraged members to fear the fear of the law, constitution, constitution, the fear of fear, fear of people. He stressed that the general end also began to work, we should take the lead to convey good publicity, carry out the spirit of the meeting, suggestions, participation, reflect the people’s wishes, give advice and suggestions for reform and development, fulfill their duties on behalf of members.