The one-stop service for people with real benefits

July 25th, the national key network media, Qinghai, a large group of reporters walked into the West District of Xining city human resources and social security service center. Hall facilities, as well as nearly thirty functional window, staff dress neatly, warm and thoughtful…… Such ‘one-stop’ service in the country are doing better, really let people get benefits." Have been to many city folk songs said.

According to the

service hall staff, in order to better serve the people, to provide convenient services for the masses, the west area in 2011 to invest 26 million yuan, completed the total construction area of 2000 square meters of the service center. A total of pension insurance, the new rural cooperative, employment, labor rights and other 26 service window. Centralized service window, to speed up the pace of service center meticulous management, providing a comprehensive one-stop service for the masses. The service center to improve the personnel, labor, employment and social security of the database, improve the three service network of computer operation and management level, for the masses to provide quality and efficient "one-stop" service.

West District human resources and social security service center is only one point in west area of service for the people in the work to create a national civilized city, the west area has also completed the 1 health services building, 1 community rehabilitation centers, 2 standardized communities, 6 community elderly day care centers and 10 a science and technology demonstration area construction work. According to statistics, since the creation of the national civilized city work started from 2010, the west area continued to increase for the tangible things engineering efforts for 3 years, a total investment of 530 million yuan, the implementation of the 54 projects, benefiting thousands of households involved in people’s lives, to solve the practical problems of concern to the masses.

in the service hall is next to the west area of employment training center at the training center, training room, a business growth firms, information query project room, network entrepreneurship training platform, entrepreneurial projects publishing platform and remote simulation trading platform. Training center on average 500 years of entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship training of 500 people, skills training of 1200 people. (author: Ni Xiaoying Qi Xiaojun)