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hot and cold water alternately bath water temperature should not be too high, otherwise it may cause the aging of the connective tissue of the breast, the skin loses elasticity.

method: at any moment to keep correct sitting and standing posture, must strut.

often massage through massage can relieve the tension of the breast, so as to make the breast more plump, and effectively avoid skin relaxation.

1, choose a suitable bra

reminder: massage first smear some olive oil or natural moisturizing lotion, massage can be more smooth, while maintaining breast skin.

Methods: the

moderate exercise chest muscle, breast adipose tissue through the reasonable exercise of one part into the muscle, the breast line becomes more pretty.

to develop a good standing, sitting chest containing the greatest damage to the breast, because it oppresses the growth of the chest tissue, occupied its living space, easily lead to sagging breasts.

every woman wants to have a strong but full breast, breast ptosis often made impossible to guard against women. For the prevention of aging caused by breast sagging, the usual care is very important, from teenage have to do their homework, even from the beginning of breast development should take good care of it.

7, normal rest

2, regular massage

3, breast exercise

4, develop a good habit of standing

healthy chest tonic to eat some foods high in protein, preferably with breast massage, and stick to the breast, will become increasingly strong.

5, hot and cold water bath

below the hands hold the interactive breast, gently lift, then holding the breast outside to the inside, can avoid breast ptosis and external expansion.

method: shower head from top to bottom tilt 45° angle, alternating with cold and hot water, under the breast to wash and massage to stimulate the blood circulation of the breast.

normal work and rest in addition to the natural aging of the human body, stay up all night, life does not

method: fish, meat, milk and other foods rich in protein, is a good chest jiapin. Eat some foods with high protein content, it is best to cooperate with breast massage, and long-term adherence.

method: at the same time with different cup bra, the breast changes, wearing the right bra (fitted bra does not fall into the shoulder or chest marks). Home releasable chest massage, and axillary lymph nodes.

method: simple breast motion is folded hands, slowly lift, hold for 10 seconds, then slowly falling to his chest. Repeat 5~10 times, up and down movement, can make the breast muscles.

6, diet

reminder: exercise, should wear a sports bra, so as to effectively protect the breast, so that it will not be pulled in strenuous exercise.