Eastern trade unions will have 5 large

In September 19th, the east area of the Seventh Congress of the union, achieved since the meeting reviewed the Eastern Union of the Sixth Congress of remarkable achievements, for the next five years the region’s trade union work conducted a comprehensive arrangements, there will be large as in five aspects. In the guide workers serving the overall situation to have new contributions: five years, meritorious activities covered enterprises and employee participation rate reached more than 98%; the construction of a number of provincial and municipal workers’ house demonstration; to realize the staff training rate reached more than 98%. In safeguarding workers’ legitimate rights and interests of the masses have a new breakthrough: to assist the district government to resolve conflicts and disputes of labor relations; to further promote activities to create a harmonious labor relations in enterprises; establish and improve the democratic management system, five years construction rate to reach more than 98%. In improving people’s livelihood have new results: trade unions at all levels should earnestly perform their duties of safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of workers, to assist the party and the government to solve the labor employment, income distribution, social security, labor safety, food safety and housing security and other aspects of the problem. To enhance the vitality of the union should be as new: efforts to achieve the full coverage of small and medium enterprises in the trade unions, so that the rate of entry of workers reached 100%; do some work for the masses of workers to solve practical problems. To improve the level of trade unions to have a new bright spot to trade union cadres’ hard index to enhance the quality of workers’ happiness index".