Need to meet the conditions of the courier shop

express courier shop is a common choice for many young investment groups, such a good prospect for the development of the store, the market demand, it is attracting people’s attention. If you want to open a shop, then what conditions should be met? What are the conditions and procedures for the opening of the courier shop in general need to have the following conditions:

1, interested in the courier industry, high school education, age 25-30 years old

2, with a certain economic strength, with management experience and ideas, have a good reputation, serious and pragmatic career attitude

3, have a certain ability to resist risks and good team spirit

4, with a valid business license, and to express as the main business scope of

5, with a legitimate business premises, and in line with national laws and regulations

6, identify the best speed business culture

procedures required:

1, a copy of the identity card holders

2, resume and relevant local departments effective signature certificate (with official seal)

3, copy of business license

4, joined by the delivery area (with local map)

5, the need to open the subordinate branch of the "express to join the network agreement" and the opening of the subordinate segment application form

express courier shop needs conditions are not very strict, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs can be assured to do investment business, do not have to worry about the prospects. You can find some information to see what you need to do, it is best to contact the headquarters as soon as possible, as soon as possible to master the business information, as early as agents.

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